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Our Obsession for Exclusivity

An Exclusive Product Made in Limited Edition Capsules Offered Only to a Selected Customer!

At a time when all brands try to maximize sales by inventing extravagant promotions every day, flash sales, new low-cost distribution channels and all sorts of gadgets that stimulate the customer to buy through an irresistible offer.

Individual Socks decides to go against the tide!

"The true exclusivity of a product is generated by the scarcity and the satisfaction of owning something that others cannot have".

Based on this indisputable assumption, we have decided to create our products in "limited edition" capsules and to display them only in a selection of prestigious boutiques through dedicated corners.

We carefully select our distribution to guarantee maximum exclusivity to our customers.
What is the point of invading the market with products at exaggerated prices if most of them are then sold off at the end of the season with exaggerated discounts? How is it possible that the same object can be purchased after a very short time at an exaggeratedly lower price than the price tag? How is it possible to guarantee the exclusivity of a brand if it becomes accessible to everyone?

We are constantly bombarded with offers of all kinds that confuse us about the real value of everything and make even the most expensive products accessible to everyone!

With Individual Socks, we passionately create and hand-pack every single sock and offer our products all year round at a price that justifies the very high quality of the raw materials and craftsmanship.

We address a selective customer who appreciates uniqueness and seeks exclusivity in every single detail and we protect him by guaranteeing him an elite distribution of our personalized socks.