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Personalized socks for men, women, and children, made with the finest yarns and the most meticulous craftsmanship. Choose a distinctive and elegant look.


Wood box FOR FREE + FREE Shipping

If you buy 2 pairs of socks with the same initials

THE ONLY BRAND IN THE WORLD that makes 'Handmade Ready to Buy' socks customised with embroidered initials

Scegli Le  2 Iniziali , materiale e genere e clicca il bottone  CERCA

Express your uniqueness with embroidered initials on your socks

The Excellence of "real" Made in Italy: Our socks are made with the best materials and the most skilful craftsmanship to guarantee maximum satisfaction both from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of wearing comfort.

The Uniqueness of Customisation: We make customised socks with the initials of the name and surname embroidered above the heel so that they are clearly visible even with the shoes.

The Elegance of Packaging: Our socks are packaged by hand in transparent recyclable PET cans with aluminium caps.

It is possible to further embellish the product by adding

  • the wooden box, available in two sizes (for one or two pairs of socks).

A priceless detail that will make your gift something unique for someone special or a special gigt for you.

You deserve the best... and we are honoured to serve you.

Each single sock reveals a story of passion and commitment

Artisanal mastery and genuine passion, which for centuries have made Italy an undisputed emblem of excellence, characterize every step of the production process.

The meticulous hand packaging imparts a unique character to our products and limits their widespread distribution, consecrating Individual Socks as a luxurious privilege destined for an exclusive audience.

The possible nuances that distinguish the socks and embroideries are testament to the authentic craftsmanship of our products.

These singularities, which to less experienced eyes might seem like "imperfections", are eloquent elements that enhance the uniqueness and originality of each piece. They tell a vivid story, a story rich in dedication, passion, and meticulous care, a story starring the artisan.

They express pure beauty and craftsmanship that stands apart from industrial monotony and translate into an immeasurable added value, a touch that gives the product an authentic sense of rarity.

The wooden box and the card with a wax seal ensure timeless elegance and represent the natural completion to honor any significant occasion.

With Individual Socks, even the unboxing experience will become a magical moment, full of anticipation and emotions that will leave an indelible mark on your loved ones’ memories, crystallizing the essence of luxury and refinement.

Men's Luxury Edition

Superlight Filo di Scozia Stretch

The lightest of socks, made from the finest extra-fine double-twisted mercerised yarns. An invaluable freshness and lightness, combined with the exclusivity of combed lisle yarn, makes these socks perfect even in the hottest periods. The "English" construction and the "single" elastic with differentiated tension guarantee the best possible fit to the foot and ensure superior comfort and durability..

"Individual Socks Superlight Luxury Edition" - A touch of elegance that elevates your style even on special occasions

Men's Luxury Edition

"Superfine" Cotton

A sock suitable for all seasons, characterised by an invaluable lightness and softness.

.A skilful use of precious fibers ennobled by treatments make this sock extremely comfortable and soft.

The refined taste of the patterns, enhanced by the ever-present embroidered initials, guarantee a "sober" exclusivity to anyone who wears these socks.

Women's Luxury Edition

Superlight Viscose Lurex Stretch

The freshness of viscose, embellished with an allover lurex effect that gives it shine.

The silver lurex thread embroidery stylishly personalises these ultra-light socks that can also be worn in the hottest summer.

Sport Edition

Man and Woman

The wrap-around structure of this sock provides stability for the foot during sporting activity and rapid directional changes.

The materials used help prevent the onset of inflammation due to stress, sudden movements and sudden jerks.

Luxury Edition

Cashmere Blend

The 'noblest' of fibers will satisfy even the most discerning.

A refined synthesis of softness and pleasure

Embellished by the prestigious wooden case

What our customers say...

Exclusivity is not a tangible attribute that is mechanically materialised by making a top quality product... It is rather an alchemy generated by an interweaving of elements, tangible and intangible, that transform an object into a rationally incomprehensible desire.

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